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Practice Areas

Motor Vehicle Accidents, Slip and Fall, Medical Malpractice, Product Liability

If you were injured and need representation, please give us a call or send us an e-mail. If you are unable to come to our office, we will meet you in your home or the hospital. We specialize in motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice and product liability claims. There is no charge for the initial consultation and no fee unless a recovery is made for you.

Family Law

We offer family law services including divorce, child and spousal support, child custody, protection from abuse matters and adoption, as well as legal matters pertaining to Elder Care. Please feel free to call us or send us an e-mail if you feel we can be of help to you.

Estate Planning

We offer a full range of estate planning including: Wills and Trusts, Adcance Directives (also called Living Wills), Powers of Attorney and Estate Administration. If you are unable to come to our office, we will be pleased to come to your residence or meet you at a place of your convenience. We will also assist you in all estate administration, from probate to asset distribution, to the filing of tax returns and all court documents. I am often asked, "Do I need a Will?" With the added complexities of our online presence and social media accounts, the answer to that question has changed: you can read my thoughts on the subject by clicking here.

Business Law

Are you starting a new business? Are you unsure if it should be a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship or operate under a fictitious name? Or perhaps you need help with zoning, land use or leases. We can assist you with all of  your business needs, from the creation of a new business to the purchase or sale of an existing business, and serve as legal counsel to your business. Please call us or e-mail us to seek our counsel.

Real Estate

We are available to handle all of your real estate matters. If you are purchasing or selling a home, we can assist you in preparing or reviewing an Agreement of Sale. We will also advise you in the purchase, sale or lease of commercial property. These are complex agreements; let us make sure your interests are fully protected before you sign any document.

Landlord/Tenant Matters

The agreements and contracts between landlords and tenants are some of the most complex that exist, and we can prevent future problems by making certain a lease fully protects your interests before you sign it. Should a dispute arise concerning a contract, we can assist you in reaching an equitable solution. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant; whether the property involved is residential or commercial; please call or email us so that we can be of assistance.

Criminal Defense & Expungement

Life is complicated; anyone can need to defend against a wrongful accusation or the consequences of an error of judgment. At such times it is imperative to have someone who is 100% on your side to steer your case through the maze of the law, and also to offer guidance and informed counsel. Please feel free to contact us whatever your situation so that we can provide exactly such a service.

We all make mistakes, but some mistakes made in the past can adversely affect our present and future. If you have made a mistake that resulted in a criminal conviction or admission of guilt, you may be eligible to have your record cleared or "expunged". We will give you an honest opinion on whether or not you qualify for expungement and-if you do-help you get a fresh start.

Social Security, Workers' Compensation,
Unemployment Compensation

We can represent you in claims for social security, workers' compensation and unemployment compensation benefits, getting you the help you derserve. Please call or e-mail us so we may evaluate your claim. There is no charge for an initial consultation.   

You can download or print a helpful Checklist of Information you will be asked to provide at your initial consultation; simply by clicking here.Remember that your communication with our office is strictly confidential, safe and protected by the rules of Attorney Client Privilege.



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